Why You Should Still be Testing Your Water Lead Levels

By Halena Sepulveda

City of Kent officials say that it is not the lead levels in water that they are worried about, but rather the amount of lead solder in the pipes already inside your home.

Houses built before 1986 are subject to solder in their lead pipes which may cause health issues in developing children such as ADHD and can causes kidney problems in adults.

Kent City officials say that consumers should have their water tested when they are looking to buy a new home, especially homes built before 1986. Officials also say that the at home testing kits available at retail stores like Lowes and Home Depot may not be as reliable as getting your water tested from testing sites and laboratories,

“If I were buying an old home, I would avoid doing that,” says Dr. Mo Osman from Summit Environmental Technologies, in regards to the at home tests.

Water Lead testing is available through several sites in the Portage and Summit counties through labs like Summit Environmental Technologies.

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