According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, autumn-olive is a deciduous shrub or small tree that can grow to 30 feet tall. Stems, buds and leaves have a dense covering of scales, and its leaves are small, oval, smooth and dark green. It grows small fragrant, yellow flowers in May and June, which are then replaced by small round, juicy, reddish to pink fruit dotted with silver or brown scales.

Seedlings and saplings can be pulled when soil is moist, and exposed roots should be cut off and buried underground, according to Ohio Department of Natural Resource. Selective herbicide applied to cut stems, foliage or bark at the base of stems is the most effective control method. Most herbicides require a penetrating or sticking agent to work properly.

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resource, autumn-olive grow quickly and re-sprout soon after cutting or burning, meaning it overcrowds other native species. It can grow in poor soils and seeds are rapidly spread by birds.

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