Amur Honeysuckle

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Amur bush honeysuckle is an upright, deciduous shrub that ranges from six to 15 feet in height at maturity. Older stems have hollow pith. Amur honeysuckle has dark green leaves that end in a sharp long-pointed tip and the leaf underside has hair along the veins. Amur flowers have very short, “pubescent” stems.

Hand pulling of the entire plant can get rid of small populations of Amur honeysuckle according  Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Cutting the plant at least once a year helps populations located in shady areas. Controlled burning can also eliminate a population. Herbicide is the best method to kill the honeysuckle as plants should be cut to ground level and stumps should be painted. A penetrating or sticking agent makes the herbicide most effective.

Amur honeysuckle is very attractive to birds, and birds spread its seeds extensively according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Cut stems will resprout wildly, making it difficult to get rid of. Amur honeysuckle prevents native plants from getting sunlight due to sooner time its leaves spread out and drop.

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